Welcome To SARK Chemical Industries.

SARK Chemical Industries is one of the leading and an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Manufacturers of Paints and its allied products. Formed in 1999 , SARK Chemical Industries products are today supplied all over India. This growing company has firmly believed in its principle of producing and distributing quality products while protecting the Environment, Health and Safety of it's Employees.

To bring meaningful transformation by enabling growth for the ecosystem, in the most efficient manner. Thus creating a culture of growth.


1. Continuous Up- gradation

  • Moving out of our comfort zone  
  • Constantly upgrade your Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habit & Strategies (KASHS)
  • Always set higher goals & standard & move ahead to achieve it 

2. Possibility Thinking

  • Designing possibilities as a strategy to innovation
  • Conquer your fears; become on the other side of you feel lives your growth & be a possibility thinker
  • Higher the focus on possibilities; higher the opportunities

3. Strategic Approach

  • Analyzing the situation strategically and making smart approach
  • Disciplined approach & integrate to strategy
  • Always produce result not excuse
  • Plan you time strategically for highest priorities & live each day more productively

4. Maximum utilization of available resources

  • Managing the role & skill set of available resources efficiently
  • Assigning & managing assets in the manner that supports on organization strategic goals.